I almost never reblog, because my blog is about original content. I do not think, that my pictures and stories are the better than any other, but they are mine.

Sometimes though, I stumble upon something that is above that concept of mine.

This movie is just that. 

Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about our dreams and future.

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At some point this kind of architecture became sooooo boring. I have no idea why. 

What tastes awesome? Buttermilk from a brandy glass! Especially when someone pours it for you early in the morning to ease your hangover pains :)

There is this thing, that companies (particularly higher management) need to realize: inside competition, especially those encouraged, will not lead to good results. It might look natural to think, that sales team would perform better if each member would seek to beat the results of another, but it’s so very wrong to assume that. 

What happens when the goal like this is set? Alienation, distrust and general feel of unfriendliness sets in. Intrigues use up a portion people’s work-time. Nobody will help another in need, because it would mean you help someone to perform better, which is not your goal.

On the other hand having a strong team-ship would mean, that people see company goals as their own and strive to achieve them together. If someone drags behind he will be pushed or given a hand to catch up. There is one important lesson I have learned watching American movies: “No one is left behind”. This means: “We got your back, kid, you don’t need to look back!” Without this concept of command there would be no victory, as gory as it was, in D-Day. 

At first something starts to stir deep in your gut, something ancient, like fear, but much more stronger. You are not aroused, nor you know what it is, but things it does to your psyche is unfathomable as we can experience that feeling only once in our lives and it can never be repeated.

I envy those two kids. They sit there amazed and speechless, paralyzed with the sight of movement which at some point feels perpetual, yet so fragile. The spell of curves could break at any point so one wouldn’t dare to interfere. What’s worse - the ecstasy of lucid dreams you dream awake is also painful as instinct whispers: it is only a moment soon lost in time. Weird though - it will never fade, being burned into memory while redefining their future at the same time. 

I can almost picture the view from their eyes, I can almost smell dry and dusty black curtains as boys try to hide from public. I don’t think I can feel hardwood floor digging into my knees - the pain of youth is so much stronger than anything else.

It is too easy to be a critic in comparison to how hard it is to be visionary and make things real.

—Greg Melander - on how much effort it takes to build or tear down.

Unfortunately most of us are like that (me in the first place) - it’s a normal thing, because we know what is bad or does not work, because this knowledge is based on our previous experiences. We have to a lot of effort into creation of something new. This to be said: most very creative people are not geniuses per se, but very very hard working people with a lot of experience in their field of interest. That my friend is a very good news for all of us.

When I feel bad, for prolonged periods of time, I want the world to feel guilty because of my state. When I feel good, I feel guilty, because the rest of the world is in shit.


It’s Sunday. Wake up, do some chores. Rest. Read some emails. Eat the most delicious lunch. Watch The Messenger and cry like a fucking man for full two hours. 


Respected Landsbergis,

I am a fifth-grader and thus too young to defend Lithuania, so my mom won’t let me. I am sending you my pocket money I have saved so you could buy all the necessities and we would win.

15 01 1991  

Mindaugas Mikalauskas from Kaunas 

Which should I try first?

I am not so sure what anon meant by that, but the first submission was: “touching people.” I am not sure if I have to touch them or they have to touch themselves. Pretty creepy anyways. Explain please.

The second one was so mundane, that it fits my style very well: “Kitchen of a first class restaurant.” This is nice, I love docy, food and people, so combining them is kind cool. Unlike food photography itself - not overused. Could be problematic to get into, because I asked my friend, that works in first class restaurant and he kinda got pissed by the idea of being photographed at work. Sensitive prick :)

"Water poured on glass figurines" was third. Awesome, but as far as I know it needs a bit more sophistication in lighting equipment. Might be easier than I think. Also it’s winter now, so could be cool. 

"The day at fire dep" - awesome. Need to find a way to get there.

I chuckled at a concept of me taking photos of “sexy nurses”, because internet was made for that one reason only.

"Lasers, machines. Something scientific." - sounds good. Also I kind of know where to start.

"Schlieren photography" - I had no idea what that is, but googling revealed it to be very fun concept. Sophisticated and tricky, but those are the most rewarding ones and I don’t think, that many people have ever heard of it.

"Pinhole! It is so awesome!" - as soon as I will get a pinhole body cap for my Nikon, I will! :)

"Video panoramas are interesting and fun. http://content.photojojo.com/diy/videoramas-stitch-digital-video-panoramas/”. Another awesome idea, but for a moment I am not so into video for fun. Movement is next big thing, but not now :)

"Lightpainting with long exposure and a led lgiht." - I have already did some of that, when I used my cell phone, but I can’t do it anymore as I broke the tripod :)

"Illustrate a random word from a dictionary with a picture." - this is actually very cool. I might start from this one.

"Photos of some famous quotes." - might be a bit tedious, since it’s not something you just find every day on demand :)

"A couple standing in the middle of road, with cars passing bye." - could be cool with a long exposure in the evening.

"Compositions like here: http://2photo.ru/en/post/20224." - very interesting, but as far as I understand - needs a tripod, which I obviously have no means to buy now. Also I will consider that when a spring starts :)

"Portraits of people you know, with some twist:
- all from the back
- just the lips and chin, from the side
- each person holding a pose they feel awkward holding
- each person with some object they use often during the day”. Self-explanatory and very interesting one. Will have to try.

"Dancer dressed up and stuff beside some movers/builders/heavy burly stuff." - Ok, I am kind of confused by this, but I think I get the general idea.

So which should I try first?

30 day challenge

  • If someone has a good idea/list for a 30 day challenge, that I could make into photos - please, send it to me.
  • If you have any ideas, that I could make into photos one at a time every day - please, send them my way too :)