Chopin museum ad in Warsaw. Chopin is one of the few great things that came out of Poland and became world heritage. Now that I’ve said that… I wonder about other things or people… scientist Maria Curie, marxist and political figure - Rosa Luxemburg, Academy award winning actress Ewa Braun, on of my favorite old time actors - Stefan Friendmann, super models and actresses - Joanna Krupa, Izabella Scorupco, and Joanna Pacula; also infamous Roman Polanski - know for his affinity to cinema and children.

It is a bit terrifying how few great people from my neighbouring country I can list.

I will need to visit Warsaw some time again. Mainly because I found it kind of boring and I refuse to believe that.

Soviet era relic in the middle of Warsaw - Palace of Science and Culture. It is huge, and supposedly it was a “gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation”. Interesting thing is that (according to Wikipedia) although it was designed by Soviet architect it was influenced by US art deco style skyscrapers built during 50-ies. 

Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw (Poland) is a such a nice place to come and spend time I can’t even give enough credit to it. 

People from all over Poland and surrounding countries come just to visit it. The main reason is that you can touch and use 95 per cent of stuff in there. It was so crowded, that I could select only one photo that is somewhat interesting: a robot that talks and you can control it. It can show lots of different gestures and poses. No, sadly it is not a walking machine :)

I know, it’s a banal shot, but I can not get enough of this place.

Graffiti vs this. Why do we accept something as art, just because it was made few hundred years ago.

My beautiful Lithuania.

Pažaislis monastery. Designed by italians, built in 17th century for Camaldolese nuns.

We can not get tired of watching burning fire, flowing water, and people working.

Those flowers :D

and curls.