What else can you need?

p.s.: I will watch another House of Cards episode tonight and I will want something diametrically different. I guess you can blame it on a human nature :)

Everything in life should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Californication soundtrack is The soundtrack for summer, lovel and careless life. It lifts you off like a warm sea breeze and flies away. It is impossible for life to bad in summer. Being a character from a romanticized 80s style TV drama would not hurt too. 

Sometimes I am jealous of other peoples life style and always tell myself lies about how I can not do this or that. I think the real reason is - I am a chicken shit. There is a lot of different comfort zones in our lives and letting it go is not one of mine. It is weird to think that the dogs in a picture are more free than me or even you.

Parking problems are nothing new to so called civilized world. The bigger they are the more inventive people get. I have read a lot of parking ticket stories, saw that referenced in hollywood movies etc. Parking in Sicily is not different from the place where you live. With one minor adjustment. We parked basically in any place where we found a spot and did not get a ticket (not granted, just lucky I guess), but in Palermo you do not need go to parking meter yourself and pay full price: do not get fooled by information in guides. Parking is controlled by middle eastern looking guys who in turn are controlled by sicilians, that in turn must pay off the municipality since I did not pay full price when I parked. Two Euros bought me four hours of time and while official price is from one Euro per hour. 

These are branches of an amazing banyan tree. Sometimes they can remind you something only HR Giger would create or a scene from an ancient erotic bas-relief. This particular tree is growing in a parco D’Orleans. The tree grew so big, that local homeless people started sleeping inside a “room” that formed by it roots-branches. Everything ended tragically, when one homeless person murdered another one for a right to that “room”.

This is one of four of five shots I have made inside a building during my trip to Sicily, so I am not going to bore you a lot :)

We had to wait for rental to be available and Palazzo dei Normanni was two steps away from our location. Why not? We were told it is very beautiful. Indeed - beautiful it is, but as all of those historical buildings it is rather boring. There was one interesting guy in its inner year, who wore a tux and smoked a cigar, but he asked me to leave so that was it.

What makes it special - everything inside that looks like gold is actually gold. Italians have a tendency towards kitschy religious aestheticism, which I find rather cool. 

We have made a decision to rent a car (why did nobody told me it makes everything so much better, before I have visited so many countries?). If you know me a little bit by now, you will understand why do I have this photo here. Local foods, oh yeah!

No, it is not just some odd looking burger. This one is sicilian specialty - pane con la milza or in other words - cow spleen burger. It has strong smell and most people would not want to try it, but you should know now: italians ate burgers before you did. 

There is three things, that make traditional milza: bun, local caciocavallo cheese (parmesan is ok too) and fresh slice of lemon. I would also add, that without cheese and lemon, first experience might be on a rough side.

On a contrary to pizza Margherita, there is no real story behind pane con la milza.   


Every person you meet will have their own opinion and meaning when it comes to countries enriched with mythos and references to popular culture. Sicily for me, is mostly this scene

Italy was always my favorite country to visit, but strangely enough I have been to few other continents first, before I got a chance to feel a little bit of Italia

Needless to say in those few, rich with shots of espresso, days I really fell in love with this gorgeous, deeply satisfying and saturated with cultural bliss part of Italy and I have not even seen a fraction of it.

Pictured: sunset as viewed from a side of Capo Galo.

New look of Garden of Bernardin’s with dancing fountains. People are heppi heppi.

I always try to do a snapshot or two of St. Ann’s church. Every single amateur photographer and tourist does that, but I can not stop. It’s cute. Yes, cute like a girl.

Some shots from a night time stroll in a center of Vilnius.