New look of Garden of Bernardin’s with dancing fountains. People are heppi heppi.

I always try to do a snapshot or two of St. Ann’s church. Every single amateur photographer and tourist does that, but I can not stop. It’s cute. Yes, cute like a girl.

Some shots from a night time stroll in a center of Vilnius.

We want to grow up, just be able to long for the time we were kids?

Uhhh…. double rainbow! But what does it mean?! What does it mean?

I think I have ever found four mushrooms total in my whole life. In a reservation you always, I mean always, can see a mushroom in your vicinity. That is the beauty of untouched nature. Humans are a virus that is destroying its host. 

They don’t even remember why do they keep worshiping it. 

This stone church is just in the middle of nowhere, so I have no idea where it is.

Woods surround it and I truly have no clue how did we turn from the main road.

I thought that background makes this a nice warm and soft composition to look at. I have no idea about the name of these flowers, but they fit a wedding more, than some fancy lilies or god-forbid-roses etc.

Some traditions are kinda medieval. Me thinks. Like this one here. Stuffed fish, whole fire-roasted boar - it is all “Look at me - am’a royal blood. Bitch. I can afford this shit, yo.” These days it is not something that special, but people still do it. DNA memory?